Preterm delivery between 18-34 wks is the most expensive complication of pregnancy and costs the USA over $26 Billion dollars annually and can cost over $2 million dollars per family! The current rate of preterm delivery is about 10% in the United States. In Dr. Sachar’s office it is less than 1%. He has been performing cervical length screening on all pregnancies in his office for over 2 years. “Our rates of preterm delivery have gone down to well below any rate in the world”. Dr Sachar’s thesis in fellowship was related to etiology and causes of preterm delivery and use of cerclage. From his research he has applied his findings to his clinical setting and seen dramatic results. “We utilize screening transvaginal ultrasound, vaginal progesterone, oral antibiotics, and cerclage when necessary to prevent preterm delivery and this has proven to be remarkable in our clinical results for our patients”. His thesis is attached here and he has made it available for all patients and other physicians globally to review and use this to make a meaningful impact in the care of their patients and save lives.