Why Gluten Free Makeup

We are always in a state of change.  Our bodies change, our mind changes, our hair changes, and even our sensitivity to different products changes.  After the birth of our first son, my wife became sensitive to perfume of any kind.

Some people have a gluten sensitivity, and most don’t even know it.  Many women are told they have irritable bowel syndrome, and have to figure  Gluten is a protein from wheat and related grains.  It is used in many different products in different industries  because it acts like a filler.  It is used in pastries, whip cream, bread, pasta, cereal, chocolate, crab meat in sushi (not the fish though), even beer.

Maybe you notice if you eat pizza, you get a little bloated and “uncomfortable” after.  This may last the whole day.  You may think this is a normal reaction to the food, however this may be a gluten sensitivity.

As we are all different, everyone’s reaction to this is different.  Personally, I can’t eat pizza, or drink beer, or anything mentioned above without feeling kind of sluggish and lousy for the rest of the day.  So I don’t.

How does this apply to makeup??

Our bodies are not isolated, everything is connected.  Our skin is an organ, and it absorbs.  Lipstick gets ingested (yes it’s true!).  Eyeliner, foundation, blush…your skin absorbs some molecules of everything.  Some people may get a rash, acne, or itchy red eyes, or a puffy face, lips and think it’s ok AND then apply more makeup which compounds the problem!

In pregnancy this may be a little more complicated.  Any reaction in the mother, may be carried to the baby.  The reactions in the mom trigger inflammation, and this may be carried to the baby.  This phenomenon is still being studied, however we do know that inflammation and its triggers are concerning.  One possible cause of colic in infants is believed to be gluten sensitivity in the baby.

Our mineral cosmetics are a safe alternative for pregnant patients.  Note our entire line is Gluten Free!!