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Anemia in Pregnancy

What is it? Anemia is the most common nutritional problem affecting pregnant women. Anemia itself is not a diagnosis, but is a sign of a problem; there are multiple etiologies of anemia. In pregnancy one of the most common causes of anemia is that there is an increase in blood volume but less red blood […]

Can Your Makeup Cause Your Breakouts & Acne?

Yes it can! In this post, you will learn what causes makeup associated breakouts an acne, how to prevent it, and what your best makeup choices are. The medical term for makeup associated acne is acne cosmetica. It generally appears like small, white bumps, but can also look like regular acne. Acne cosmetica usually occurs […]

7 Secrets For Pregnancy!

These are 7 great tips for pregnancy written by Dr. V Sachar.Dr. Sachar is a high risk pregnancy specialist, who has created the world’s first cosmetic line devoted toward safe, non-toxic products for pregnancy. Toxin exposure during pregnancy may be associated with the development of adult diseases later in life.These diseases may have origins early in […]

Asthma in Pregnancy

What is Asthma? Asthma is a respiratory condition characterized by an airway that is hyper-reactive to triggers, and these triggers cause inflammation. The triggers can be varied, such as seasonal allergies, cockroaches, pet hair, weather changes, perfume, tobacco smoke, acid reflux, carpet fumes, food allergies…As we grow older, we may acquire new sensitivity to things. […]

Why is Non-toxic, Safe Makeup in Pregnancy Important?

Congratulations!! You are pregnant! This is one of the most exciting and special times in a woman’s life. Now it’s time to plan for a safe pregnancy. Everybody is concerned about toxins. Pesticides, cigarette smoke, pollution, bisphenol A (BPA), organic, gluten-free…these phrases are thrown at us countless times per day in magazine ads, news reports […]

Perfect Gift for a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a time of joy and celebration for every expectant mother. The original intent for a baby shower was for women to share wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother. It has now become a festive occasion celebrating the pending arrival of the new baby. Mothers and friends get together […]

Anxiety During Pregnancy

With so many things going on during your pregnancy, it is not uncommon that some women experience Anxiety during pregnancy. In fact about 20-30% of women may experience some form of anxiety during their pregnancy. This post is brought to you by VSacharMD.com The world’s first and only cosmetic company devoted to safe, non-toxic cosmetics […]

Antibiotics in Pregnancy

Several times per week I am approached by a patient regarding which antibiotics are safe for her to use in pregnancy. Usually this question comes from their dentist who wants to perform a dental procedure, and ants to use an antibiotic for prophylaxis. The concern is that some antibiotics are known teratogens. Teratogens cause malformations in […]

Herpes Virus Infection in Pregnancy

If someone says the word “Herpes”, everyone cringes. Surprisingly, about 2/3 of you reading this now, may have had HSV 1 (the type that causes cold sores), and about 20% of you may have had the genital type of Herpes (HSV2). Most people who get exposed to herpes are asymptomatic and may not even know they […]

Choosing Your Hospital for Labor & Delivery

You have many decisions to make during your pregnancy: choosing your doctor, choosing your baby name, and of course choosing your hospital. It is quite common that your physician may deliver at different hospitals. You should find out if they have admitting privileges at other hospitals and assess all of your options. Quite often, patients […]